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Toothpaste making Homogenizer Emulsifier

Toothpaste making Homogenizer Emulsifier
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Vacuum homogenizer VMG S is an effective and reliable vacuum homogenizing unit designed to produce a wide range of liquid, pastry and viscous products with different requirements for the production conditions.

One of the uses is in cosmetic industry for producing cosmetic creams, toothpaste, gels or face masks.

Vacuum homogenizing unit used for many different types of products, many different processes performed. High quality results

Toothpaste making equipment - Processes:

heating and cooling
deaeration on a high quality.

Perfect homogenized emulsions and dispersions

This cosmetics making equipment creates perfect homogenized emulsions and dispersions. Unlike in the case of other similar models, homogenization and pumping are carried out separately. This approach ensures a higher level of homogenization that can be achieved by comparing to a combined mixer-homogenizer with an enhanced pumping function.

Several hoppers for loading ingredients

The necessary degree of homogenization and grinding of the particle is achieved by circulating the mixture through a dispersing device integrated into the machine. The device is equipped with several hoppers for loading ingredients, automatic dosing system of wet solutions, touch panel control. The equipment is intended for use in the food, chemical, cosmetic and other industries.

Benefits of vacuum

Mixing under vacuum – efficient elimination of air, degassing. The prepared product has a homogenous structure without air inclusions. The absence of air prevents bacteria from multiplying and signifcantly extends product storage time. Thanks to the minimum oxidation, it is possible to preserve the colour and taste of the product at its most natural, which is especially important in the case of oil- or fatbased products. The process of removing air allows you to lower the temperature of the product processing, maximally preserving its utility properties


Direct steam injection - maximum intensive heating without loss
The working vessel designed for work with overpressure
The possibility of the production material AISI316L or AISI316Ti for parts that are in contact with the product
A dose of ingredients with flowmeters and strain gauge weighing system
Unload the product using a homogenizer or a supplementary pump

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Toothpaste making Homogenizer Emulsifier
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