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Vacuum fryer vf50

Vacuum fryer vf50
Vacuum fryer vf50 - фото 1
Обновлено: 11 августа 2023, 07:52 ID: 3286
39 000 /штука
на Флагма с 6 сентября 2018
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The VF vacuum fryer is designed for deep-frying food at 85 °C, thanks to which the product retains its natural taste and aroma, as well as other useful properties. Fruits and vegetables fried in a vacuum fryer are transformed into healthy snacks that are rapidly gaining popularity around the world and are becoming a good alternative to traditional chips.

Equipment set:
Vacuum Frying Chamber
Oil heating system
Vacuum storage tank
Vacuum generation system
Oil filtration and circulation system
Built-in heating system (electric heating option). When using the steam heating option, an external source is required
Multi-zone temperature control
Automatic thermostat

Volume, L 50
Number of basket 1
Steam heating option Available
Electric heating options kW 24/48/72/108
Working temperature of oil С 110
Oil tank volume L 400

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Ftp Engineering
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Vacuum fryer vf50
39 000 €/штука ID: 3286
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