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Advertising, marketing, PR, resumes in Ashton-under-Lyne

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Kainat Aatiqa Zahid
Kainat A., 26 years old, Manchester  |  Higher education
looking for job in Ashton-under-Lyne, Bury, Oxford, Oldham, part time
Work experience: 1.5 years, Virtual assistant, Daraz.pk, Lahore. Education: BPP, Marketing and management , Manchester 2023 - 2023, I am Resourceful, Punctual, and a Quick learner possessing skills that are key to success for any organization. Highly organized and hardworking with excellent customer service skills. Insightful, service-focused,...
Kainat Aatiqa Zahid
17 May 2023
Within the radius of 270 km from Ashton-under-Lyne

Personal assistant

  £ 21,000
White B., 21 years old, Birmingham  |  Higher education
113 km, willing to relocate, any schedule
Work experience: 11 mo., Business administration, Guildhall practice, Birmingham. Education: South and city Birmingham , Business level 3 extended , Birmingham 2019 - 2021, I am a positive and enthusiastic individual who thrives of motivating and encouraging others. I have efficient communication skills and believe myself to be an approachable...
1 June 2023
Таранова Татьяна Олеговна
Таранова Т., 27 years old, Northampton  |  Higher education
161 km, remotely
Work experience: 3 mo., Таргетолог, Акадения 5D, Москва. Education: Wssp , туризм, Lublin 2015 - 2018, Настрою таргетированную рекламу и привлеку новых клиентов в ваш бизнес. Что я умею: - Проработка и запуск рекламы в Instagram, Facebook - Оптимизация рекламных кампаний по показателям: CPC, CPO, CTR - Работа с сегментацией и таргетингом...
Таранова Татьяна Олеговна
22 January 2022

Bartender assistant

  £ 1,500
Full name hidden, 20 years old, Tashkent, UZ  |  Higher education
looking for job in Oxford, 202 km, willing to relocate, any schedule
Work experience: 10 mo., Barista, Restaurant and Hotel , Tashkent.
27 January 2024
Горбач Роман Горбач
Горбач Р., 18 years old, Cambridge  |  Higher education
208 km, London, remotely
No work experience. Education: Kyiv National Trade and Economic University, Marketing , Kiev 2020 - 2022, Hello. My name is Roman Horbach and I am looking for a part-time job. I have a financial and economic diploma.
Горбач Роман Горбач
10 January 2023
Full name hidden, 51 years old, Kyiv, UA  |  Secondary education
looking for job in London, 261 km, remotely
Work experience: 1.5 years, Месенджер-Маркетолог | Messenger Marketing Specialist, Freelancer, Kyiv.
21 September 2023
Мейрбек Муслимов Асилбекович
Full name hidden, 29 years old, Tashkent, UZ  |  Secondary education
looking for job in London, 261 km, full time
Work experience: 5.5 years, Мастер, Colourway , Ташкент.
Мейрбек Муслимов Асилбекович
8 August 2023
Levytskyi R., 29 years old, London  |  Vocational secondary
261 km, any schedule
Work experience: 5 mo., Помощник повара, Radisson blu , Alushta. Education: ТРСІТ, Повар , Івано-Франківськ 2012 - 2013.
27 July 2023
Tazhibayev Sabyrzhan Rezhepovich
Tazhibayev S., 47 years old, London  |  Secondary education
261 km, willing to relocate, any schedule
Work experience: 7 years, Макетчик монтажник, As. Pro рекламное агентство, Алматы. 3.5 years, Макетчик монтажник, Art vision рекламное агентство, Алматы. 3 years, Макетчик монтажник, Оркениет рекламное агентство, Алматы, Пунктуален, без вредных привычек, легко обучаем.
Tazhibayev Sabyrzhan Rezhepovich
25 June 2023
Bilozir T., 19 years old, London  |  Incomplete higher education
261 km, willing to relocate, part time
Work experience: 5 mo., Smm manager, Zorba.life , London. 4 mo., Smm manager, Selfe coffee , Kriviy Rih. Education: KNYNIM, Manager social media , Kiiv 2022 - сurrent time.
8 January 2023
Тангатаров А., 19 years old, London  |  Higher education
261 km, full time
Work experience: 2 mo., Менеджер по продажам, Mebel Orayi, Nukus. Education: David Game College, Business and Finance, London 2022 - сurrent time.
17 December 2022
Assel Assylbekova
Full name hidden, 42 years old, Almaty, KZ  |  Higher education
looking for job in London, 261 km, willing to relocate, full time
Work experience: 21 years, Менеджер по рекламе и PR, ТЕЛЛИ, Алматы. Education: КазНУ , журналистика, Алматы 1999 - 2003, Легко адаптируемая, коммуникабельная.
Assel Assylbekova
8 August 2022

Specialist, officer

  £ 1,000
Adessova A., 29 years old, Almaty, KZ  |  Higher education
looking for job in London, 261 km, Manchester, Brighton and Hove, Liverpool, Bristol, full time
Work experience: 9 years, Personal assistant, Air Astana JSC, Almaty. Education: Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Reasearch, Marketing and Management, Almaty 2012 - 2016, • Good communication and presentation skills. Ability to quickly communicate with new people, thus be able to understand the needs and wants of...
8 February 2017
In United Kingdom
Goncharova Iuliia

Marketing manager

  £ 16,000
Goncharova I., 39 years old, Belfast  |  Incomplete higher education
any schedule
No work experience. Education: Irkutsk State Linguistic University, Public relations , Irkutsk 2003 - 2006, - Развиты коммуникативные навыки, умение работать в команде; - быстро обучаюсь новому; - пунктуальность, ответственность;.
Goncharova Iuliia
26 October 2021
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