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Greater London

Natural honey in Greater London

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Honey - photo 1
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£ 5/kg
The bee farm offers for sale high-quality honey and other bee products, such as: bee bread, pollen and royal jelly, honey with nuts, honey with berries, we also produce honey with propolis, wax candles made of natural wax and products based on natural propolis. We specialize in summer-autumn honey,
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3 May 2022
Wholesale honey from Ukraine
Wholesale honey from Ukraine - photo 1
Wholesale honey from Ukraine - photo 2
Wholesale honey from Ukraine - photo 3
Price on request
Our company Agro-Allinace Ltd is glad to offer you cooperation in the field of honey supply (sunflower, polyflore) from Ukraine. Honey is collected from the most fertile land in the east of Ukraine and ecologically clean territories. Thanks to 20 years of experience in the area of
16 Aug 2019
Wholesale price
from £ 1/pc
We offer homogenized honey for export. Wholesale, large wholesale. Price on request. Предлагаем для продажи на експорт мед гомогенизированный. Опт, крупный опт. Цена по запросу.
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18 Apr
Мёд натуральный
Мёд натуральный - photo 1
Мёд натуральный - photo 2
+4 photo
Мёд натуральный - photo 3
$3/kg FCA
Компания Honey Trade с торговой маркой “Honey Bee” приветствует Вас и желает процветания Вам и Вашему бизнесу. Наша компания занимается оптовой и розничной торговлей высококачественного меда, Восточно-Казахстанского производства. Ищем постоянных оптовых клиентов. Цены и условия поставки
1 May 2020
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