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Tomato paste 360 gr
Wholesale price
from €0.44/pc
Tomato paste, 360 gr 0.44 euro Tel / whats up : Email :
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6 Jan 2021
£ 0.55/pc FCA
Hello . We are very glad that you chose us. We are manufacturers of Tomato paste from Turkmenistan. We have a very large and wide range of products. 100% environmentally friendly product. Tomato paste products are produced in glass containers - 480 gr, 800 gr, 1000 gr, and we also have products in
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29 Dec 2023
Baklava - photo 1
Baklava - photo 2
Baklava - photo 3
Wholesale price
from $4.60/pc CFR
Baklava Phyllo pastry made of several layers of phyllo dough, filled chopped nuts and drizzled with sweets syrup or honey. Crunchy pastry
18 Jun 2019
Fig Dry White Nature
Fig Dry White Nature - photo 1
Fig Dry White Nature - photo 2
Fig Dry White Nature - photo 3
Wholesale price
$5-4/kg EXW
Natural Harvest 2019 2-3-4-5 Calibre 10kg. 5kg Carton box Privet Label as per request * Prices valid for MOQ 20.000 kgs (1 containers ) * Price on EXW factory * Payment conditions: % 50 at Order , %50 on Loading. * The readiness Order 1 weeks * Transportation only by Reefer tranports at
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12 Sep 2019
0.85/kg EXW  
wholesale from €0.80/kg
Good day My name is Arkadii I’m export manager of famous Ukraine company “Sezam”, we are producer of confectionary items such as: halva, treacle-cake, Turkish delight, toffee, peanuts in sugar and coco powder, peanut brittles, sweet sausages. All of our products from nature materials. If you
13 Nov 2018
Гидроплазма Инюшина. Оригинал. Для Вашего здоровья.
Гидроплазма Инюшина — восстанавливает здоровье, продлевает жизнь, замедляет процессы старения, улучшает состояние клеточных мембран, сохраняет эластичность капилляров и стенок крупных сосудов, улучшает энергоинформационный обмен клеточных структур, увеличивает прочность костей скелета, снижает в
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27 Mar
£ 0.55/pc FCA
Здравствуйте . Мы очень рады что вы остановили свой выбор на нас . Мы производители Томатной пасты из Туркмении . У нас очень большой и широкий ассортимент продукции . 100% экологически чистый продукт . Продукция Томатной пасты производится в стеклянной таре -480 гр ,800 гр , 1000 гр , а также у
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29 Dec 2023
In neighboring regions
Chickpeas for sale/ High quality Chickpeas wholesale/ Best Quality Kabuli Chickpeas for sa
£ 30/kg DAP
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Appearance: Chickpea grains Taste: Characteristic Aroma: Characteristic, presenting no stale, musty, sour or rancid smell Colour: Uniform beige Fungi: Absent Insect damage: MAX 1% Foreign Matter: MAX 1% Matches and/or broken: MAX 2% Green and/or
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9 Feb
In United Kingdom
Black raisins
Wholesale price
£ 4-5/kg
Black raisins top grade! The grape variety is raisins that was grown for us especially on the Parkent gardens! We produce only fresh raisins. Sayagi variety, sour sweet and sweet raisins European quality control! Caliber at the discretion of the customer
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28 May 2019
Cow ox gallstone for sale
Price on request
Grade A (90% whole / 10% broken): $ 30.00 per gram / CIF / South Africa to Destination Grade B (80% whole / 20% broken): $ 26.00 per gram / CIF / South Africa to Destination Port Grade C (70 % whole / 30% broken): $ 20.00 per gram / CIF / South Africa to Destination Port
30 Mar 2019
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