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Board, beam, false panel
Board, beam, false panel - photo 1
Board, beam, false panel - photo 2
Board, beam, false panel - photo 3
£ 100/cu m FCA
Buildings of 100 years ago, for decor and not only, without painting and nails, so there is a bog oak
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1 Nov 2023
SIP panels of Ukrainian production
£ 13/m
The 'Light House' company is a manufacturer of SIP panels and components for frame-panel houses. Our production is located in Ukraine. We would like to offer to supply our modules made from SIP panels to your company at a favorable price. If you are interested in such cooperation, please contact
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7 Jun 2023
Hempcrete panels
Hempcrete panels - photo 1
Hempcrete panels - photo 2
+2 photo
Hempcrete panels - photo 3
£ 110/pc EXW
Eco friendly products. Eco building materials. Vector Trade UK Ltd represents a new modern ECO-material in ECO-housing direction-Hempcrete Panels (Hempcrete Technologies): Hemp+lime+water and wood. The features of this product are next: Energy-efficient and Sustainable Materials Fire-resistant
7 Dec 2020
Доска, брус, фальшпанель
Доска, брус, фальшпанель - photo 1
Доска, брус, фальшпанель - photo 2
Доска, брус, фальшпанель - photo 3
£ 100/cu m FCA
Строения 100-ней давности, для декора и не только, без покраски и гвоздей, так де есть морённый дуб
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30 Oct 2023
Appreciate the convenience of the information:
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