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Aluminium in South East England

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Алюминий-, никельсодержащие хвосты шлам шлак пы
wholesale $1/t
6000 тонн. бесплатно. Al2O3 54-60% Ni 3.0 - 4% Co 0.45 - 1.0% P 0.4 - 0.5% Fe 0.60 - 0.95% Na 2-4.40% S 0.3-0.6% As 90ppm Ca 6-7ppm Cd 1ppm Pb 5-19ppm H20 5.0-15%
28 Aug 2018
In neighboring regions
Aluminium Extrusion 6063 Scrap
£ 350/t
Aluminium Extrusion 6063 / UBC Aluminium Scrap Available Applications: 1. Mainly used for melting ingot 2. Discontinuous melting with scrap 3. Easy control and operation 4. Fast melting 5. Energy saving This Scrap Aluminum is produced in the production of industrial waste. Such as: Scrap Aluminum
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20 Apr
Aluminum products
Price on request
Over 12,000 articles, 6 types of aluminum alloy (AW 1070, 1050A, 6082, 6060, 6063, 6005), 30 years of expert experience, high quality products, the shortest production time, an individual approach and the inclusion of the needs of each client. production capacity: - tool shop (production of
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1 Dec 2022
Primary A-7 Aluminum, GOST Aluminum ingot Первичный алюминий
Price on request
We sell primary A-7 aluminum; you can buy from us in bulk, deliver to your country. Primary aluminum A-7 | GOST aluminum ingot comes from the Irkutsk and Bratsk plants of Rusal. These are GOST products. Everything is strictly in accordance with current GOSTs. Secondary aluminum alloys, scrap
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26 Jul 2020
Price on request
Алюминий первичный a7, a8 на экспорт.
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29 May 2021
Аллюминий первичный, в чушках А7, А8.
Аллюминий первичный, в чушках А7, А8.
26 Nov 2020
In United Kingdom
Bulk/ Pure Aluminium Alloy Wheel scrap for sale
Bulk/ Pure Aluminium Alloy Wheel scrap for sale - photo 1
Bulk/ Pure Aluminium Alloy Wheel scrap for sale - photo 2
+4 photo
Bulk/ Pure Aluminium Alloy Wheel scrap for sale - photo 3
$380/t CIF  
wholesale $250-300/t
Aluminum Scrap comprises unalloyed and clean particles of aluminum and are sourced from reliable vendors of the market. These scraps have found their extensive applications in varied industries and are well recognized for their reliability, light weight and high performance. They are processed for
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14 Apr
Aluminium scrap
Price on request
We are wholesalers, distributors and other Exporters of Wood pellets, epal pallets , firewood, dried logs , copper scrap , UBC scrap , Aluminium scrap , battery scrap , USed containers, shipping containers,
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2 Apr
Aluminium scrap
Aluminium scrap - photo 1
Aluminium scrap - photo 2
+1 photo
Aluminium scrap - photo 3
800/t CIF
Buy good quality aluminium scrap from us at very good and affordable prices.
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24 Nov 2022
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