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Homogenizer Ultra Shear AHU

Homogenizer Ultra Shear AHU - photo 1
Renewed: 11 August 2023, 07:52 ID: 3280
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Compact installation, allows you to use it as small businesses with the launch of the product, as appropriate, and in large industries as auxiliary or independent equipment in the production of various sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard), for the production of a variety of fillings and toppings in the confectionery industry (condensed milk, pastry creams, jams and marmalades)
The unit is designed to homogenize dense and viscous products in a cyclic way. The homogenized product is loaded into the hopper of the homogenizer running, while valves are open so as to ensure that the product circulation. Upon reaching the desired product of homogeneous structure drain follows Due to the strong pumping function, the installation of an auxiliary pump is not necessary in most cases.

This version includes: 3 kW electric motor, double mechanical seal, recirculation pipe system and hopper

It is possible to connect the control unit to the device, which can be offered for an additional charge if necessary: start / stop or frequency converter

the homogenizer is ready for use
no additional connections are needed and you can start working
Easy to install
Compact design
simple operation
simple structure

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Homogenizer Ultra Shear AHU
3,900/piece ID: 3280
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