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Roller press for peat briquetting
186,000 /pc EXW
Комкор, LLC, UA
Roller press for peat briquetting Press roller briquetting mod. PBV-22MP (22MPG) is a design without a permanent type, all the main components...
Screw press with the capacity 1500-2000 kg
Price on request
БиоСтарИнжиниринг, CJSC, BY
Screw press with the capacity 1200-1500 kg of finished briquette (Pini-Kay) per hour with the moisture not more than 12% (the capacity depends on...
Press vacuum drying chamber сушильная камера от производства
$23,369 /pc  
Wholesale price
from £ 23,369 /pc
М-Impuls, LLC, RU
Разработчик работающий с 2008 года предлагает для мебельной и деревообрабатывающей промышленности многофункциональные, экономичные, мобильные...
The air gun for tuning of the pluking rubber fingers
$1,500 /pc DAP  
Wholesale price
$1,500-1,400 /pc
Гумаимпекс, LLC, UA
Air gun for the tuning of the fingers helps fast and safely replace the rubber fingers in such devices like cleaner feathers, machine for washing...
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